Thursday, April 5, 2012

Paisley Update!

I went for my 32 wk check up today and an ultrasound!
It looks like Paisley is going to be bigger than her sister was!
I am measuring a week ahead, my fluids are a little elevated (which they will keep and eye on) and she is weighing in at 5.1 lbs already!!!
She is at the 63rd percentile when really at 32wks should be about 50th percentile, so I guess we will see how big she is in 7 wks and I hope I make it that long!
She is already head down. Here is a pic of her foot! For some reason we have alot of feet pics with her:)
Not sure if we will be needing all/any of the newborn clothes we have from Madilynn???


I Just Love You said...

bigger than average? ya think! lol! oh, and you are going early.... i'm going to guess a week. :)

The Lewis Family said...

lol - my c-section date is a week early! i dont want earlier than that!!! Dont want to miss Madilynn's pre-k graduation ceremony:(