Wednesday, April 4, 2012

32 wks

32 wks today....7 more until my c-section date, May 23!!!
This pregnancy has flown by!
The room is coming along!
We got the closet shelves installed and I have been washing and putting clothes, etc away.
All that is left is a roman shade (made by me), the dresser and nightstand to be painted (by mom), and 1 cabinet to be painted (by me), and of course ACCESSORIES!
I am in awe by how much stuff Madilynn had - I washed 2 tubs full of just newborn-3mo clothes, plus the amount of shoes she had and never even wore! Paisley will not need shoes or pj's for awhile.
7 wks to go!!!

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the irelands said...

You're nesting well! That means that little girl may come soon...or you are just really excited! I bet on the latter! Can't wait to see her! Oh those babies are my heart!

Love Jennifer