Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Projects, Projects and...


Sometimes our projects are for fun and other times...NO!

What we've been up to lately.


Let me just say...I hate wallpaper!

Scott removed the wallpaper from the kitchen, and took up the awful white laminate floor with green dots - YAY - it looked so much better after that!

Next I painted the kitchen (not a fun project), it took me 2 evenings but it got done and I love the color. Next, new floors, doesn't it look great!

What's left in the kitchen:

I would love a new glass/stone backsplash, and maybe a couple rugs.

(we kept the counter-top which i don't mind as much now)


2 Christmas' ago Scott put up beadboard in the mudroom and in March I went to IKEA to buy some accessories, and of course my lovely 31 storage bag too (i love 31). I re-painted the mudroom, and also painted and took off the doors to a cabinets and added baskets to it, which turned out great!

Now i need a couple more accessories and I need to take pictures to post!

(Scott had already put down new floors a couple years ago)


This project I would consider the one thing I wanted to do eventually and now it's a must!

I am going to paint the vanity and toilet topper cabinet white and I am thinking of a gray color for the walls and of course, a new shower curtain, etc!

Unfortunately, the floors and tile wall in the shower stay:(

Don't forget that I said I "hated" wallpaper, and sometimes you have to compromise with your spouse, so you may be surprised later!


Created Amiably said...

hmmm you doing some wallpaper??? can't wait to see the results!!

The Lewis Family said...

Not my idea believe me - you gotta give a little sometimes - in return i will get to do most of what i want with the spare bedroom!

the nelsons said...

Everything is looking good!! Maybe when you're done there you can come help me at my house!!

Sara Price said...

Lookin good! Can't wait for all the afters. Check out my new project list on my blog...does it ever end?

the irelands said...

Next project...my house! haha! With the homeschooling, my work, Matt's work and other projects we dive into...garden, food drive in the hood I need to hire you! We still have to paint the baby's (Lily) room!