Sunday, May 22, 2011

1 Project Down!

I can mark 1 project off my list for the kitchen...a new Roman Shade...made by ME!

For instructions go here.

Once I started I realized I needed to modify the instructions a bit.

What you need:

Fabric - approx. 1 yd

Liner fabric - approx. 1 yd (if you want)

Hem tape (love it)

Ribbon (i didn't need)

Cup hooks (also didn't need)

Did I mention...No sewing machine involved!!!

I layed the fabric pattern down and then put the liner fabric on top.

Cut your fabric to the length/width you need -- for a standard window, a yard is plenty. Hem the sides, making the top a rod pocket using your hemming tape.
I turned the fabrics in so I would have a nice edge.

I know I said no sewing involved, but since I wasn't able to use the cup hooks I needed a way to keep the pleats each pleat i put 3-4 stitches evenly spaced.

Still no sewing machine, just a needle and thread, very easy!


I am so pleased with how it turned out and I LOVE the fabric!


the irelands said...

I love watching your creativity come alive...wish I had gotten some of that haha! You need to give us some girl-raising pointers! Really do hope to see you soon! If you ever come to visit Sara, we are just miles away!


the irelands said...

Can you adjust the length to close them or is it stationary?

The Lewis Family said...

Thanks! this is a stationary one - its my first project so i wasn't going to get fancy and the directions for the moveable one looked like too much! here is the site for the moveable ones!

Girls are so much fun and so much fun to buy for but you can definitely go crazy with all the cute clothes!