Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday fun!

I was surprised to wake up Sunday morning to see SNOW outside, so we had a relaxing day inside!
I put one of my IKEA purchases together and let Madilynn play with the styrofoam blocks that were inside so that she could keep busy and not bother me.

She had a blast!

She also made a ridiculous mess!
It looked like it had snowed inside...we had to run the sweeper!

One of the things I bought was and easel for Madilynn.

She got an easel, chalk, paper, and 2 kinds of markers.
She is having fun with it but not using the appropriate items with the appropriate areas on the easel so she has had them taken a away a couple times.

"Pop Pop" break!
(we love popcorn and I had bought an air popper for scott , so we tend to eat alot of popcorn now!)

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