Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese

I had won a Chuck E. Cheese gift certificate at the Buddy Walk Reception in October so we decided we should take Madilynn, and Meghan, Andy, Reese, and Piper joined us!
I don't ever remember going to Chuck E. Cheese before and this was definitely Madilynn's first time there!

Off to see Reese & Piper.

This place is CRAZY!!!
You would've thought Madilynn was on crack or something. I have never seen her so hyper and all over the place.
Once 1 ride was over she was off and running to another.
She definitely had a BLAST!

She loved the mouse!

she smiled for me!

Such a cute picture and it came out blurry for some reason.

Piper & Madilynn dancing and jumping!

She loved the horse.

The girls had a blast but 1.5hrs is the max we can be there b/c after that the meltdowns start!
We will definitely be back!

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