Monday, July 6, 2009

Friday Fun!

We had a full day on Friday!
First we went to Waterways - we thought Madilynn should try out a big pool.
I don't know if I have ever seen her so happy to be in the water, it was overcast most of the day and water was freezing but Madilynn had a blast. She screamed with excitement and loved her inter tube, and also loved sitting with us in the big inter tubes too.

Big girl.

Taking a snack break.
We packed a lunch and plenty of snacks for Madilynn.

Off to the kid area.

There were big elephants in the pool and a big gorilla with swings.

She had so much fun in the kid pool - we walked around and waved to EVERYONE and she splashed and played.

Another break to let Scott and Matt go down the slides.
We met Matt and Eva at Waterways that way Scott could have someone to go down the slides with.

Friday night we went to Mom and Dad's for Adam and Shivani's Wedding Reception. They were married in February in TX so the big reason they were coming to visit was so that we could have a nice reception for family and friends.

Cutting the cake.

Shivani's parents.

The older girls having fun with Madilynn.

Family picture.

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