Monday, July 6, 2009

Adam and Shivani come to WV

Adam and Shivani came to visit this past weekend, Madilynn went with Mom and Dad to pick them up from the airport which made them very happy.
Madilynn and I went out to visit with them on Thursday. Adam and Madilynn had a great time playing the piano.

She looks like a natural.

Shivani got a huge surprise when her parents showed up (all the way from Mexico) at mom and dad's for a visit too.
(Madilynn loves Shivani's scooter - especially the horn)

Shivani's dad posing in front of the neighbors tree.

If you recall - Madilynn loves Shivani's jewelry.

Shivani, Adam, and Madilynn.

Madilynn and I went and picked up Scott from work Thursday evening and while we were waiting we played outside.

So funny.

Adam and Madilynn playing piano.

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