Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big Changes

Big changes indeed!
Starting October 12 I will officially be a stay at home mom!
(i will also be waiting tables 3-4 days/nights/weekends too)
I am very excited and a little nervous since I have only worked an 8-5 job since I graduated from will be a big change...but a GREAT change!!!
I'm excited!!!


the irelands said...

You will do GREAT! They eat up having their Mommy home! You will realize it's the best decision you've ever made. I am very excited for you, Scott, and the girls and you will be happy to see that the baby doesn't get as sick as often! We love you all

the irelands said...

oh and by the way, the shirt was from Kohls last year but I will keep an eye out for it or give you ours...we had another one done'll see in the next post.

Sara Price said...

Yea! Some days you'll love it...some days you will want to poke your eyes out...but you will never, ever regret it!