Thursday, September 27, 2012

4 months

Time is flying by...Paisley is 4 months already!
I am in awe by how fast she is growing...such a huge difference from her and Madilynn.
What she is up to:
loves rolling over to her stomach and then to her back
she loves to be sitting and looking around (she is nosey)
she tries to make herself sit when she is in her rock-n-play
she loves grabbing for things and playing with toys, especially her rings...she is doing great at holding things now
she likes to pull hair, especially Madilynn's, but that's b/c she lets her
she loves hearing her voice now...sometimes she is very vocal
she is all smiles all the time
she is already in 3-6mo clothes
She is seriously one happy and easy baby....which makes life easier for me and Scott:)
blowing spit bubbles.

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