Friday, August 10, 2012


There is nothing like starting back to work for 2 weeks and Paisley being in daycare for 2 weeks before I have to start missing work for sick visits to the pediatricians office:(
I have been coughing for 2 weeks but I have never felt bad and mom has been coughing too and then there is daycare...but poor Paisley started getting a stuffy nose and a cough this week.  I took her to the doctor and they said she was wheezing (not good) so we got to do a breathing treatment, which made her sound a lot better and then we had to go to the hospital for an RSV swab (which is awful to watch a baby get swabbed for that).  Paisley's swab came back positive for RSV:(   So we have been doing breathing treatments which she is doing great at (i need to get a pic of it) and she is on steroids for a couple days.
She is a trooper and you would never know she is sick by looking at her b/c she still has a big smile on her face! Hoping she will be sounding better by the end of the weekend b/c I hate seeing her sick.
(now the waiting game to see if Mada will get it)


WalkerBunch06 said...

Hey Erin! So sorry to hear Paisley is sick! Hope she recovers quickly. We had to deal with the "smoker" when our twins were little and it's crazy how much it can really help. Prayers!

the irelands said...

Oh Erin...I am so sorry to hear Paisley was under the weather! Andrew had to have Synagis shots his first year to prevent that d/t his lung issue. Oh I just can't think of that sweet baby sick...she probably was happy having mommy home though! Prayers going your way!