Monday, August 27, 2012

Our weekend

Scott and Mada love going to the WV Power games so Friday Scott thought he would take her to the So. Charleston vs GW football game to see if she would like watching football (not that she has a choice starting this weekend).  I think they had fun!
Saturday we went to the splash park in Hurricane with Meghan, Reese, and Piper and Madilynn had a ball!
(Reese was too busy playing, that's why there are no pics of her)
Piper came up to me and told me to take a picture of them:)
Paisley slept the first half but then woke up so we sat in the shade and talked to Reese.
Scott got hot so he let Mada and Piper cool him down...he's so nice!
Paisley is enjoying watching Mada play on the IPad.
Mada thought it was pretty funny!

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