Sunday, June 24, 2012

1 Month Old

It's hard to believe that Paisley is a month old!
The time is going by fast!
The first 2 wks she was the easiest baby and we were spoiled with the long spurts of sleep and's alot different!
Here's a rundown:
I ended up having to supplement with formula pretty early and ended up switching to formula all together, then the formula I used with Madilynn and thought would be great for Paisley ended up doing a number on her stomach.  She had a couple bad days and we ended up calling the doctor and having to switch (Scott had to make a trip out for new at about 10pm).  She is now on a Soy formula that we can only buy at Target or order online at (which is ridiculous that nobody sells it) and it is working great except for the fact that babies who use straight formula get constipated more.  I am learning and discovering how different Madilynn and Paisley are.
She eats every 2-3 hrs/3oz food and wakes up every 3 hrs or more depending.
She sleeps in the co-sleeper in our room or in the Fisher Price rock-n-play.  When she wakes early in the morning we usually just stay downstairs so we don't wake anyone else up, which I need to stop doing.  I would love to start her in her crib and get her in a routine before I go back to work.
She is great and can sleep through any noise! Madilynn is so loud so it works out great!

We are definitely enjoying having 2 kids but it is a big adjustment!
Madilynn is in love with her new sissy!!!

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