Wednesday, March 7, 2012

28 wks/3rd trimester

I can't believe I started the 3rd trimester already! I think pregnancy goes by so fast!
Everything looked great at my check-up and I also got to do the Glucose test and get my RhoGam shot, which btw I forgot how badly that hurts!!!
Now my check-ups start every 2 wks and before you know it Paisley will be here!
Hopefully this weekend we can really start on her room! Its cleared out and we bought paint and I should be getting the fabric for her curtains any day now (yes, I am making 2 sets of curtains and a roman shade).
Over the past week/week and a half I have had 4-5 people ask me if I am almost due! NO!!! I still have a little less than 3mo left, also, there is just 1 baby in there!!!!

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