Monday, February 13, 2012

Tales of Pregnancy Brain

This time around is completely different pregnancy wise! I got bigger faster, I have acne now which I have never had, and just don't feel as cute as I did the last time! Oh well that's part of it I guess!
I never had a bad case of pregnancy brain with Madilynn, although my co-workers would probably say different! But this out!!!! I seriously feel stupid halfway through my day and if I go home and start messing up on dinner or something then the rest of the evening is bad:)
I am hoping I get some of my brain back b/c this is crazy!!!!
Couple Examples for you:
1. I remember making tuna helper when I was preggo with Madilynn and I was finished and ready to eat when Scott asked, "where is the tuna?" Oh well, pasta it is!
2. This time around - one day at work I went to my car turned it on and got out of it to wipe the snow off and went to get back in...keys locked in my car while its running, with my purse, phone, and $50k check to deposit for work! Luckily I was able to get ahold of Scott so he could meet me and a co-worker that had to drive me to get my keys! I don't think I have ever locked my keys in my car before!
3. Forgetting to make a main ingredient for dinner
4. Forgetting/not wanting to do laundry until someone says they don't have any underwear left!
5. Yesterday before Madilynn got a bath I stuck her on the potty and she kept saying, "Mommy, I can't go!" Well why not???? I looked and I had forgotten to pull her panties down first!
There are more but I can't remember - LOL!!!
I am sure this is going to be an on-going post!

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the irelands said...

Welcome to more than one child! I hope I don't upset you, but it will continue forever! I am still wondering why it takes me til 2pm some days to brush my teeth. Oh yeah. I'm confusing lack of time with lack of brain...haha! Hope all is well with that sweet baby!