Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I am 25wks today!
I am definitely feeling huge lately!
I am just now realizing that we have a little over 3 mo until Paisley is here! Her room has been cleaned out and the bedding is here, other than that nothing has been done and I may start freaking out a bit here soon! If I had the motivation to at least paint (and pick out a color) then I think I could get going but it seems that I have lost my motivation for the time being.
I am feeling pretty good for the most part. My back hurts quite a bit more and I am not sleeping as well anymore either!
Madilynn loves to say hi to Paisley and kiss my belly and blow raspberries on it too! I think she is realizing more and more that there is a baby on the way.
Paisley is moving alot!!! I think she is trying to punch and kick her way out already! The girl is active all day!!!
Hopefully we will have some progress pics on the room here soon?!?!

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