Monday, January 9, 2012

Gender Reveal

We found out the sex of the baby Jan 2 and kept it a secret for a week (which is hard to do, for me).
Yesterday we had our parents over to tell them but not without making them wait through dinner first!
I made a cake for the occasion!
The inside would be pink or blue icing!
Close your eyes please while Scott cuts the cake:)
PINK icing!!!
I think out of all the people putting their votes in there was only a handful of girl votes and the rest boy votes!
Sorry boy votes, you lose!
Madilynn ate all the icing out of them middle and then went for the top only actually eating a couple bites of the cake! She knows what the best part of the cake is!
Coffee please!
She puts on a show when we have company!
We are so excited to have another little girl!
Sorry Scott but you are outnumbered now!

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