Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Recap

I enjoy doing this every year!
Madilynn, the past year, in pictures!


Sara Price said...

love this!

the irelands said...

She gets cuter with every month too! Hope everything is going well with the baby and mommy! I always LOVE being pregnant, such a miracle growing inside! When's the big gender ultrasound? Can't wait to find out! God Bless You all...hope to see you sometime!

The Lewis Family said...

thanks! being pregnant isn't as fun this time around like last - its completely different but this time i also have a 4yr old too - we just found out the sex this week and are waiting to tell this weekend!

the irelands said...

Well, each additional pregnancy is a little harder definately more obvious sooner, but all in all I know your strong! Your such a great Mommy, its amazing how your love will multiply. I couldn't imagine loving another child like we loved Ryan up until Andrew came along, then the same for Lily. God truely multiplies our ability to love, not divide. We are soooo excited for you! Looks like you'll have to wait for #3 for that boy Scott, haha!

the irelands said...

By the way, I totally did not proof read that previous post...sorry. I sound like the BEST homeschool mom right?