Friday, October 21, 2011

Madilynn's big announcement!

Such a goofy face!

After another surgery and months of medicine we can say that it has worked again and we are expecting!!!
Lewis baby #2 will be here at the end of May!
(it will be nice to have a summer baby and not cramming christmas and b-days so close together)
We were very excited and shocked to see....YES...on this!
We have had 2 ultrasounds already (one with the OB and one with a high risk doc) and so far everything looks great!


Created Amiably said...

so excited for you all!!!

the irelands said...

Oh goodness Erin...what a blessing! Having lily has made matt and I want more! I have to admit there has not been much time to blog though! Rely on the Lord and trust his plans for this new little miracle! How old is he/she?