Friday, May 6, 2011


I have slowly been cleaning out my closet and trying to get the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom organized. Our house is really old so we don't have a great deal of storage space and definitely not a linen closet that would typically be upstairs. I have also starting "couponing" and stocking up on a few things that we use alot, and I have realized our house is lacking on storage so I am hopefully going to fix that problem sometime in the near future.

First things first...the closet!

I went through my closet awhile back and took a ton of stuff to Elder Beerman for their goodwill sale. This week I realized I could do more, so I have another pile at home waiting to go to goodwill and then I realized that the extra bedroom closet has a lot of OLD dresses in there.

This is what I found!

Bridesmaids dresses and dresses from formals that I wore in college!

I didn't think I was a pack-rat until I realized there were 8 dresses and 1 skirt that have been hanging in every house we have lived in for the past 8yrs +, so I have taken these all to a consignment shop and hopefully someone will like them enough to buy 1 or maybe all 8!

I do believe the oldest one is this black one above from freshman year @ Fairmont! LOL!

I know they are not as slutty or revealing as some people like to wear now but I still like them and I have alot of great memories from each one!

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WalkerBunch06 said...

Isn't it crazy how much STUFF we collect over a few years?! Purging is something I imagine we can ALL do a little more often!