Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sesame Street Live!

Madilynn loves Sesame Street and LOVES Elmo!

Wednesday I took Madilynn to see Sesame Street Live w/ Elmo, and our friends, Amanda and Jenna came along too!

First stop was Max and Erma's for a YUMMY dinner!

Time for the show!

Madilynn stood up for the whole show (1.5hrs), she was in heaven!

Did I mention that we were 12 rows back?

Great seats!

Madilynn and Jenna.

Bert and Ernie.

(aka "BerNernie")

Madilynn could be the President of the ELMO's World Fan Club!

Another favorite...

ELMO's person!

Mister Noodle!

Madilynn's potty training reward is her ELMO's World DVD's!

Big Bird.

The girls had a blast!

We may have to do this again!

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WalkerBunch06 said...

We enjoyed the show Tuesday night and out little 2 LOVED it!!! We enjoyed just watching them! It was so cute seeing all the little toddlers at this "concert"!