Monday, April 11, 2011

New Projects & Organization

We have been making some changes around the house lately, just a few face lifts here and there, but WOW, they look great!

As soon as they are finished I will post pictures!

Along with painting, new floors hoping to go in soon, and more painting, I am also organizing a few things (thanks to the IKEA trip we made in March)!

Kids seem to make your house a total mess and I didn't realize how much stuff we could accumulate over the past 3 yrs.

I have a ton of things that I would love to organize but it will definitely take awhile, so for now I am doing a little bit at a time and having fun lurking on blogs for great ideas.

This is a great blog to check out!

Along with house projects and organization I would love to save more money on groceries. Every time I do our monthly shopping (yes monthly) it seems I can never stay within our budget b/c the price of everything keeps rising, so one of my goals for this year is to get into couponing more and sticking with the shopping list I make! It feels great when I get a great deal so hopefully I can make it work.

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome!


the irelands said...

Hey Erin,

I coupon and it has saved us at least $250/month! Check out she pairs the sales with the coupons and even places little acorn pictures beside the ones that are REALLY good deals! You will have to call me sometime and I will give you the whole lesson about stocking up and ending up witha grocery bill of less than $40-50/week for our family of four. The best part is the things we buy are always name brand. The store brand ends up being too expensive. No I am not one of those crazy stockers like the extreme couponing show, but, I don't pay more than 1.50 for all cereals and generally get lots of stuff for free. The lady that does this blog/website I recommended only stocks up for 6weeks so it's not as crazy as the show if you've seen it. Let me know if you need more pointers.

The Lewis Family said...

Oh wow - that's awesome and that would be nice to save and be able to go once a week if i felt like it - do you meal plan too for the week?