Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Will it ever end?

Will the sickness ever go away?
I think someone is our house has been sick (mainly colds) since Thanksgiving and once January started it was all over. I have had a continuous sinus infection of some sort since January 1, this past week it caught up really good with Madilynn.
Scott had been since last week too and Thursday came and Madilynn was miserable, we ended up taking her to the doctor on Friday and then for X-rays b/c she has/had pneumonia! Luckily kids can kick things alot faster than adults and she was feeling better by the weekend. I also had to go on Monday for X-rays and luckily I didn't have pneumonia!!!

If you can keep her occupied then she will cooperate so much more with her breathing treatments.
You should see our counter top right now - there is so much medicine on it you would think an old couple lived there:)
She is feeling better and was able to go to Pre-K this week!
I will welcome the hot, humid summer if it means all these colds, RSV, pneumonia, etc. will


WalkerBunch06 said...

We are totally feeling your pain! Seems as if one gets a bug and it spreads like wildfire!!! We are ready for better weather, too!!!

WalkerBunch06 said...

Oh, I added you to the list of blogs that I follow, I hope that's ok!

The Lewis Family said...

Thank you - thats great! I can't seem to get on your blog b/c it is invitation only - could you send me your e-mail?

WalkerBunch06 said...

Sure, no problem! My email is (that's a zero!)> ; )