Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First class

We had our first Mommy & Me Gymnastics class last night @ Maverick.
It definitely brought back memories of when I took gymnastics
(same place just different location).
They started with handstands, bear crawls, stretching, splits (which she is great at), and running.
She got to jump on the trampoline, do the balance beam, and then have some floor time with the triangle mats, doing somersaults, cartwheels (kind of) and backward rolls.
Her favorite was the trampoline and was very upset when she couldn't go back on it.
Hopefully she will understand after a few classes.

She definitely enjoyed herself
(mommy too).
I am hoping she doesn't try the all the tricks that she learned on the big trampoline at home on her small trampoline?!?!?

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