Monday, December 13, 2010

Pump up the Fun

Sunday we went to "Pump up the Fun" for AEP's Kids Christmas Party!
Madilynn has never really liked the bounce house stuff and we thought we were wasting our time going but Madilynn proved us wrong and loved all of it!
I did alot of the stuff with her until she got used to it (and now I am sore) but she had a blast!

She got to meet "Lewie" the lighting bug.
As you can see she was in love!
(she also met Santa for the 3rd time too - she is not scared this year)
She loved the 5yr and under blow ups the best...not as rowdy as the others.

Madilynn and I climbed to the top of the slide...which was horrible...those are hard to climb especially when Madilynn decides 3/4's of the way up she doesn't want to climb anymore...TOO BAD...we made it up and slid down!
She loved it!

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