Monday, August 9, 2010

This & That

This week we...

Had our first dentist appt!
Madilynn's teeth are very straight and very clean...
(sorry no pics of the visit - she hated the dentist which means I got to hold her down while they checked her out)
Saturday we went to the pool with Andy, Meggy, Reese & Piper!

Let's go swim!


After dinner we were off to the "Dairy Bar" for some ice cream!

Back home to play with the toy of the week!
Daddy's metal NAPA truck when he was little!
(be careful of the metal truck - it hurts when you run into it - OUCH!)
She puts her zoo animals in it and drags it around.
Daddy tied a rope under it so it would be easier to drag it around!
What a nice tan and a big smile!

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