Monday, July 26, 2010

Laurie Berkner Maniacs!!!

Saturday we went to Mama & Papa Young's for dinner!
Madilynn loves to see Reese, Piper and Meggy (Meghan).
After a bath and some whiny attitudes we put in the famous "Laurie Berkner" DVD!
When Scott was working nights and was home with Madilynn during the days he discovered Laurie on Jack's Big Music Show (another fave). Madilynn fell in love so we bought a DVD and Scott has made a cd for Madilynn and even found all Laurie Berkener on tv and made a tape.
Reese and Piper have also fell in love and Reese knows about all the words to ALL the songs!
If you have kids I would highly recommend this DVD!!!!
(it's on Amazon and has a bomus CD too)

Mama had shakers and a ukulele!
(Reese said that she had forgotten her guitar - which is actually the one that goes to Guitar Hero)

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