Monday, June 21, 2010


Poor Madilynn hurt her toe!
She dropped Papa's radio on her toe and now it's a pretty blue/purple. I think she just bruised it real good b/c she can walk on it just fine, but she does look at it and show it to you!
Mama picked her up this morning and the first thing she did was lift her foot up for her to see.

Madilynn colored Scott's Father's Day card and then she colored in her coloring book (and on the table cloth and the next day the sofa) and played with Play-doh.

Big grin!

Off to Waterways on Sunday!

Got to have a picture in her new cover-up!

Being Silly!!!

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the nelsons said...

Emeri has the same cover up! and Ella has the pink one! She is too Cute!!