Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday

Braxton turned 10 this past Sunday, May 16!
(70 in dog years)

Puppy days.

We got Braxton in college - named after Braxton County, WV.
(we always passed Braxton Co. on our way to school and loved the name)
He has moved about 7 times and has lived in 2 states.
He has been called many names...some good and some bad:) But right now his name is "Bubba".
He has almost died and in the process cost us a small fortune:)
($VA Tech isn't cheap$)
But he is still going strong & still acts like a puppy which is good b/c Madilynn is in love with him and keeps him busy.

Bubba in his pretty jewlery!

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