Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Giggles Galore!

I am a bit behind with this post!
Saturday we went to Meghan, Andy, Reese, and Piper's house for dinner, along with Mama & Papa Young!
They had just redone their deck so we thought we would have a nice time outdoors!
I have to get a few pictures before we leave.

When we got their house we found out that Meghan, Andy, and Piper would be leaving for the hospital...where they later found out Piper has Type I Diabetes and was admitted for a couple days. She is home now and doing great!
We all stayed behind and enjoyed the dinner that was already made and had a fun time watching Reese & Madilynn play!

They had a blast in the House!
They were giggling at each other and playing peek-a-boo through the shutters.

What a great picture!


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