Monday, March 15, 2010

Clay Center

Saturday we had a fun day!
We took Madilynn to the Clay Center and were happy to have Andy, Meghan, Reese, and Piper join us!
Scott and Madilynn are at an area where you can change the pitch and sound of your voice.
She is listening to Scott sing in the microphone.

He is singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and Madilynn is doing the hand motions.

It's a big magnet wall!

Everyone had a blast with this one.
(the pictures don't come out when you put your face against it - but there was a cute one of Piper and Andy)
Madilynn is an Egyptian!

Family photo!

There was a small Reptile exhibit.
Reese and Madilynn loved the turtles.
(the reptiles were Reese's favorite)
Nothing better than playing with water!

The Harp!
It had a motion sensor in it.
Madilynn had fun with this!

Madilynn touched the snake and then grabbed it and scared the snake and the girl holding the snake along with everyone else!

There is a great toddler area!
Plenty to do!

Air shoots out of the flowers and keeps the balls floating in the air!

The Ball Pit!
Not a big fan!

I believe all the girls missed nap time but Madilynn decided to just stay awake the rest of the day. She was definitely grumpy but cheered up with some Laurie Berkner and playing with daddy!

Here is a video from the Toddler Area.
There was this drawbridge in the tree house and Madilynn had a blast on it - I think she thought it was some sort of a slide!

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