Monday, December 14, 2009

Sugar High

We had a full/busy day yesterday.
Madilynn is still not feeling 100% from being sick last weekend and her 2 yr molars are still coming through which makes for a cranky kid, so Scott bought some cookie dough so we could bake and ice them.
Madilynn was very excited at first and she did a great job at "Pessing" (pressing) the cookie cutters on the dough. She quickly got bored so Scott had to finish baking them while Madilynn took a nap.

We saved icing them for after dinner. I made home-made icing (yummy) and then put the coloring in them. I think Madilynn ate more icing than she actually did work - but she had a blast!
Madilynn had a ton of energy after that (wonder why). She loves her "Little People" car and loves when Scott pulls her around on it. He straps a belt to the front and drags it around. Here she is pulling her stuffed animals around on it; you can see Braxton hiding out in the back. Scott or I are always chasing him while Madilynn is on the car.

Here is Madilynn on her car with her stuffed animals.
(Looks a little cramped.)

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