Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas came early!!!

We got a new mudroom for Christmas!!!
This is one of the rooms we hate most in the house - it is the first room you walk into and just say.....BLAH!!!
So for Christmas this is what I wanted!
Scott did all the work himself - and he did a fabulous job!

Yuck......old floors and rubber baseboards!!!

The beadboard is up and the floors are going down!

New beadboard on the walls, new chair rail, new baseboards, and of course, new floors!!!

I started painting the beadboard last night (just white) and the green walls will be going away too. Plus, I am going to paint the hutch a new color and get rid of the shelves and add new pictures and a new coat rack!
(pics to come when all that is done)

Doesn't it look AWESOME!
Scott did a great job!