Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it a leak or just a noise?

This morning was hectic like usual - we were all ready to leave the house, Scott's mom was there to pick up Madilynn for the day. We were all in the bathroom brushing teeth when we heard this awful noise that sounded like something was running. We had no clue what it was - Scott looked around the room, went outside and couldn't figure it out - then it stopped - then a dripping noise started! The joys of owning an OLD house. Scott had decided to stay home and figure it out while I called dad to come over and help. I ran out for a bit and when I came back Scott said the problem was solved - NO LEAK!
What was it, I asked?
Madilynn's bouncer!
We keep this in the bathroom downstairs b/c Madilynn likes to sit in it and brush her teeth - the batteries have been dead for a long time - we thought!
Scott had come back in the bathroom and was listening to everything until he figured it out - the batteries make this horrible noise when they are dying like something is running - then it stops - and the dripping sound begins!
Thanks dad for almost making it to the house before having to turn around and go home!
(we have spent enough on this house lately - we were not looking forward to something else)

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Sara said...

thats too funny! that is my favorite thing about our move...chris is not constantly fixing something!