Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Always a smile

Poor Madilynn has been sick since Saturday.
We picked her up and she had a fever, we ended up having to take her to Health Plus Saturday night b/c her fever kept creeping up (104 @ Health Plus). She ended up having another ear infection and we are happy to say she was NEGATIVE for H1N1.

She has been so lazy - I guess maybe she has a virus or something. We are not used to her being so calm and not wanting to play.

Sunday she took a 4hr nap which was kind of late in the day. She was still ready for bed at 8pm but at 9pm she was ready to get up (still with a fever) and play. We were up until 12:30am (not good with the time change).

This is her damage from 9pm-12:30am.

Her new thing is showing her tongue.

I stayed home with her on Monday b/c she still had a fever. I do believe this is the laziest I have ever seen her. We were up at 4:30am and she took another 4hr nap! After that she had a lot of sofa time, eating a snack and watching TV.

Luckily her fever never went about 99.1.

Still smiles even when she is sick.

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