Monday, October 26, 2009

WVU Football & First Kisses

We took Madilynn to the football game Saturday!
We met the Jackson's before for some tailgating - the kids had fun & the adults too!

I think we are in trouble?
(Madilynn & Eli)

Taking a much needed break! I thought we were going to have to leave at half-time but all Madilynn needed was to run around for a bit and a nap (on me from half-time through the 3rd qtr.). She was good to go after that!


the nelsons said...

Whoa! What a kiss! :)
Go Mounties!

Sara said...

I would definitely have Scott keep his eye on Eli...looks like Chris J. is teaching him a little too early! Aren't their kids cuties! M is getting so big and that hair is getting so long...beautiful!