Monday, October 6, 2008

First WVU game!

We took Madilynn to her first WVU game this past weekend and she was so good and had a lot of fun (she surprised us)!

You can really see my teeth!

Sitting like a big girl (we ended up having 2 empty seats beside us which was great).

Madilynn and Daddy.

She didn't like the yelling that people were doing, especially, Lets go...Mountaineers!
(she really cried when people yelled but stopped soon after, i guess it scared her)
There was also a boy in front of us with one of those blue hair wigs that she kept starring at.
Madilynn and Mommy.

Right before halftime she fell asleep (20 minute power nap).

During halftime we walked to a grassy area and relaxed for awhile and changed clothes.

Time to play with my toys.

I am having so much fun, lets go again.

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