Monday, August 11, 2008

Snowshoe Weekend

We went to Snowshoe for a wedding this weekend, our first trip with Madilynn! She was pretty good overall for our first trip. She slept about the whole time which was great.

Here we are!

Had to make a stop halfway to eat.

We are finally in our room!

Lets go see some stuff...

This chair is huge!

Brrrrrr..... it's cold and windy.

Here we go up the ski lift.

Look at my hair.

Here we are at the bottom of the hill. (do i look like daddy?)

The ceremony is over and I did wonderful!

Picture time!

(the calm before the storm)

We had a wonderful time this weekend, it was nice to get away for awhile. It was definitely different traveling with a baby. I didn't know how full a car could get and how many trips it would take to get everything into the room!

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isunshine said...

Is that baby ever not smiling?? What a joy!!! I love your pictures!