Monday, August 25, 2008

Guess who is getting a tooth...

Madilynn is!!!
She was real fussy this weekend and we didn't realize why until last night and I could feel a tooth popping through. That has been hard work for her, i think she has been trying to get a tooth since about 5mo.
Pretty soon you will be able to see my tooth in these pictures!

If anyone has satellite tv, the baby channel is great!! Madilynn loves it, she laughs and screams at certain shows - it is hilarious!

I am ready for bed!

1 comment:

Favorite Aunt Tracy said...

It's about time that her big ol' gummy smile starts showing some teeth!
Before long you can bring her to see F.A.T. at work and we can brush her teeth.
And did I tell you all that she is ADORABLE?!?!?!